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Tempurpedic Food *Day 5*

January 30, 2009


I have this funny story, but it’s not funny at all, and not very believable.  It really happened though.  It’s really a little what I like to call, veggie humor.  I went to this little vegan/organic grocery called amazing grace here in Louisville, which is a place we frequently visit.  They’ve always had this section with vegan food, that’s a little bland, and basic.  I don’t mean to belittle it, but its just really basic vegan blt’s, vegan chicken sandwiches, etc.  Good food, but nothing that really gave me “chills”.  I went in there one day and they had gotten a new cook that was handling the dinners to go section, and wow things had changed.  There was a lot of very creative things in the case.  One of the things was country fried seitan.  I bought it, cause it looked awesome, and took it home.  While I was heating it up in the microwave I was talking to Sarah on the phone (most likely an argument about reality television).  During the phone call, I took the stuff out of the microwave, took a bite of the country fried seitan, and spit it into the garbage going *baaauu, ptttuee, baauuu, pffftthhh!!  Not because it tasted bad, but I really thought I had just bitten into meat.  I got off the phone in a flurry, and called amazing grace.  I was 110% sure that they had screwed up, but after yelling at the lady on the other side of the phone, and making her cry, she swore to me that it was vegan.    I took another bite.  After examining it very closely, I determined it was not meat.  This stuff was incredible, I bought it about 12 more times, before the cook quit, and moved to a restaurant down the street.  I tried to make it a few time, and it just never turned out right.  Tonight, I decided to give it another go.  Let me first start by saying, day 5 has turned out to be the best night so far, by very far.  I made this for a bunch of people tonight, and everyone was was very complimentary of it.  When you cook for people a lot, you start to get a gauge of when they don’t like it (but are saying they do),  like it, really like it, and really really like it.  This one they really really liked.  I cannot explain how incredible this turned out. I don’t mean to over sell this recipe, but you will never eat anything better, so just stop trying.

Total cost about $14

Seitan Steaks

makes 4 chunky filets or 6 thinner cutlets
1 1/3 cups vital wheat gluten
2 Tbsp tapioca flour
1 Tbsp nutritional yeast
1 Tbsp garbanzo flour
1 tsp dried porcini mushroom powder** (yeah, nice and earthy!)

2 Tbsp tamari
2 Tbsp soymilk
1/2 Tbsp marmite
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp ketchup
2 Tbsp red wine
1/2 to 3/4 cup broth* (cold)
1 Tbsp oil for panfrying

6 – 8 cups simmering broth (cold)

Mix the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl. Mix the wet ingredients in a measuring cup in the order listed. After adding the red wine, *add only enough broth to bring the liquids up to 1 cup. Reserve the oil for panfrying.

Add the wet ingredients to the dry and knead for 5 minutes. Shape into a log, then cut into 4 or 6 pieces, as desired. Flatten them into cutlets. Panfry on each side until golden.

Simmer in the simmering broth for 1 hour 15 minutes. Let cool in broth and use as desired.

For Breading:

1 cup bread crumbs
1 tsp dried basil
1 tsp dried oregano
pinch of salt
dash of pepper

½ cup plain soymilk (do not use low fat version)

1 cup unbleached flour


Heat oil to 375 deg F. Use a thermometer!

Put bread crumbs, herbs, salt and pepper in one bowl, soymilk in a second bowl, and flour in a third bowl. This is your 3-step process for breading the steaks. Take each steak, and press it into the FLOUR FIRST, both sides. Make sure to really coat them. Then, quickly dip into the SOYMILK SECOND, and then finally press into the BREAD CRUMBS THIRD.

Now transfer to the frying pan heated to 375 F. Use a good pair of tongs to make it easy. Do this for each seitan steak, until golden brown as desired on each side. Then transfer to a plate lined with a paper towel to soak up the oil.

I took a recipe for seitan from Vegan Appetite, and a recipe for the batter from Bengarland.  The mashed potatoes were Yukon gold w/dill, mayonnaise <—-surprisingly amazing, garlic powder, earth balance, soy milk, salt and pepper.  The corn just had earth balance, with salt and pepper.  Make sure and follow the instructions on cooking the seitan, it turns out a really great texture.  The gravy my brother had to help me out on, because I’ve never made a successfully gravy. Basically was just some earth balance, sage, not beef cubes broth, water and flower.  Seriously check this out.


Smokey Chili *Day 3*

January 28, 2009


It’s day three, and being really broke never tasted so good.  It’s snowing outside, 18 degrees, and my girlfriend had “roomie” night tonight.  Which basically means I have to go away for a few hours to hang out with my male friends, and let them get wasted on wine.  Tonight was chili night, so it worked out well for everyone.  I’ve made 26 chili’s in the past year, and they’ve all just been O.K.  Nothing really grabbed me.  In fact I came in last place at a chili cook off for a friend of mine’s birthday.  This chili, is in fact, the one.  My dad always had a delicious chili growing up, and I’m now proud to say I have my own chili.  All of my previous recipes have come from recipes, so I decided to go rogue with this one, and just do my thing.  It’s a little smokey, delicious, and of course cheap.

Total cost about $11

  • 2 can black or pinto beans, drained
  • 2 can kidney beans, drained
  • 2 can diced tomatoes
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 6 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 green peppers
  • 1 small can of tomato paste
  • 4 tbls of nutritional yeast
  • 4 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 cup tbsp vegetable broth
  • 1/2 cup of hickory allegro (my favorite marinade, basically soy and liquid smoke + some other shit)
  • 4 tbsp chili powder
  • 2 tbls oregano
  • 4 tbls curry
  • 1 tbls turmeric
  • 4 tbls curry
  • 2 tbls smoked paprika
  • 1 tbls salt
  • 2 tbls ancho chili powder
  • 2 tbls mexican chili powder
  • 1 tbls red pepper flakes (optional)
  • 2 cups of hydrated  TVP
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 glass with 2 dudes wrestling on it

Cook the onions, green peppers and garlic first in the olive oil until transparent.  Slowly add the beans.  Let it simmer for a few minutes, and add all of the spices.  Go ahead and pull out your glass with two dudes wrestling on it, and serve hot.


Cornmeal-Crusted Tempeh and Sexy Mustard Garlic Broccoli Potatoes w/Smoked Eggplant

December 31, 2008

Hey guys. I like blogs that start out with hey guys. I especially like blogs that start out with hey guys, that have no one reading them. I get tickled silly with blogs that openly call out the readers by saying that no one reads what they’re blogging, but hoping that people (such as yourself) will say, “awww quit it, I read your blog everyday”. Ok, i’m all of those. So, Hey guys, nice to see all of you again, all though I know no one reads this. I’ve got this really great cook book from the famous NYC vegan restaurant Candle 79. Sarah and I try to cook at least 1 thing from the cook book a week. We then write our review at the bottom of the page of the cook book, of what we thought of the meal (*gush). It’s really a great book, and 90% of the time, were really impressed. We picked a recipe called “Cornmeal-Crusted Tempeh” on page 121 after hours of arguing, and name calling. It turned out pretty well, but I suggest that a sauce of some sort is made to pour over the top, being that the dish is just a little bit dry, but DELICIOUS.

Here is the recipe directly from the book :


Cornmeal-Crusted Tempeh

2 8-Ounce Packages Tempeh (each cut into thirds)

1/2 cup shoyu or tamari soy sauce

3 tbls maple syrup

1 tbls minced garlic

2 slices of fresh ginger

1/2 cup medium – to fine ground cornmeal

1 tsp crushed red pepper flakes

1 tsp dried thyme

1 tsp dried oregano

1 tsp ground cumin

pinch of salt

1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil


1. Preheat the oven to 350

2. Place the tempeh in a baking dish. In a small bowl, whisk together the shoyu or tamari soy sauce. 1/2 cup water, the maple sytrup, garlic, and ginger and pour over the tempeh. Cover and bake for 1 hour. Remove from the oven and set aside to cool. Drain and cut the tempeh into halves or triangles.

3. In a large shallow bowl, mix together the cornmeal, red pepper flakes, thyme, oregano, cumin, and sea salt. Dip the tempeh pieces into the cornmeal mixture to coat.

4. In a large skillet, heat the oil over medium-high heat until very hot. Cook the coated tempeh until golden brown, about a minute per side.

5. Remove from the heat and serve at once.


Pretty simple, takes a little over an hour, but the good news is, while your baking the tempeh, you can goto work on the potatoes and broccoli. For this we have a spring form pan. It’s a really cool thing that you can stuff the shit out of whatever you’re cooking that you want to remain in a circular form, because, lets face it, it looks fucking cool. We stuffed it with potatoes, broccoli and garlic, and topped it with smoked eggplant. Read on….

Sexy Mustard Garlic Broccoli Potatoes

3 russet or Idaho potatoes

1 cup of diced onions

1/2 cup of soy cream

3 tbls of earth balance butter

4 cloves of garlic

1/2 cup of yellow mustard

2 tbls of dill

1/2 cup of vegan bread crumbs

1 eggplant (cut in 1/4 inch slices)

2 tbls of hickory chips

1/4 cup of red wine

1/4 cup of soy sauce


Hey guys, Yeah thats right, were smoking again. I listened to the rapper Mystical growing up, and he always talked a lot about smoking. I feel like i’m finally relating. Now to be completely honest, I fucked up. I fucked up bad. I wanted to lace the outer ring of the spring form pans with the eggplant. I wanted it to look like the famous eggplant “bacon” wrap look. But it didnt turn out like that. I cut it WAY to thin, so i was left with extremely thin and delicate slices of eggplant. I used my improvising skills passed on from my lord and saviour and just ended up laying them on top. I would love to say that I did it on purpose, but I didn’t. Pull out the smoker, put the wood chips in and pour the wine over the wood chips and lay the eggplant in the smoker.

After the smoker gets going, let it smoke for about 30 minutes. While thats going, and the tempeh is in the oven, start a skillet with the broccoli, and start the potatoes in a pot. Cook the onions, and garlic for about 5 minutes, then add the broccoli in a skillet with the olive oil. When the potatoes are done, mash them, and add the cream, mustard, and dill to them. Next in a big bowl mix the potatoes and broccoli together.

Hey the eggplants done!

Very carefully take the eggplant and cut them into bacon like strips,and fry them in a pan with the soy sauce. Don’t over cook them, you just want them to firm up bit. Take the spring form pans, and fill them with the potatoes and broccoli and top them with the fried smoked eggplant. Add the bread crumbs over the top and if you like you can garish them with parsley.

Pull the tempeh out of the oven and follow the above directions, and put the potatoes and broccoli into the oven for 30 minutes. Finish coating and frying the tempeh close to the end of the potatoes and broccoli being done, as the tempeh only takes a few minutes to cook. Make a sauce, and drizzle it over it if you would like, or don’t, see if I care. Have a great new year, and remember, shake your ass, but always, always, watch yourself.