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Vegan Sausage McMuffin’s

February 28, 2009

As I was laying in bed, I heard a drum beat.  That beat was from Karate Kid 2, the sticks they spin in between their hands, and make old hip hop drums.  I looked over at my lover, and she lay asleep.  Listening to tranquil sound of Daniel son getting his ass kicked.  I was hungry.  I knew she would share the sensation.  It was 11am, and I wanted to make her breakfast.  I hate breakfast food.  I love her though.  But I wanted her to experience a breakfast.  Lord why have you laid such a burden on me!  Why do you toy with me?!  Then it hit me.  I must make the first McMuffin with my new cookie cutters.  The plan is dangerous, but I believe I will be the first.  I’m too fragile to google it, so I decided to assume I am the first.  I will cut tofu with a large circle, and cut a smaller circle inside.  I will cook them separate, and the middle shall be cooked in turmeric.  It will look amazing.  I could only find faux sausage.  My heart was set on some fake ham, but I was not so fortunate.  I cooked the fake sausage in garlic powder, onion powder, salt & pepper, and veg Worcestershire.  I then laid some toffuti cheddar cheese squares over them.  The English muffins were toasted and buttered, and the creation was complete with some hash browns.  *Que “you’re the best around”

Kind of hard to see the “yolk” effect, but the lighting was a little bad.


Yes We (mexi)Can! *Day 2*

January 27, 2009


Total cost about $10

Day two of F.A.F.P.F., and things are getting really crazy around here.  We’re trying to cover a lot of bases,while being extremely generic, and of course, cheap.  When I used to live in Hawaii, a friend of my brothers named Phillip would come over to eat sometimes.  He was pretty much the most annoying kid ever made, but made a nice punching bag for a bunch of 9 year olds.  He was extremely white, had these huge thick glasses, and olive oil hair.  One night when he was coming over he was telling us which Mexican food he liked.  He was attempting to talk in his most authentic Mexican accent.  Saying things like, “i love tooohstaadas, and enchillaaaadas, and taaccoos (pronounced ta-hoes).  From that point on, every time we ate Mexican (he pronounced it mehhee-can), it was right to the Phillip impersonations, and I’m proud to say I still do.  Nothing like a little laugh at someone else’s expense.

The rice was made from 1 1/2 cups of white rice, chopped roma tomatoes, chopped bell peppers, garlic, cumin, ancho chili powder, chipotle sauce, tomato sauce, and salt to taste.  The tostadas had re-fried beans at the bottom, FYH cheese, tvp (seasoned mehhee-can style), lettuce, and tomatoes.  They were fried on a stove top skillet, in some olive oil.  On top was chipotle a sour cream, (vegan sour cream, chipotle sauce, drop of alegro, garlic powder, salt, ancho chili powder, nutritional yeast, and lime juice) and some salsa.  Also on the side is just some re-fried beans with lettuce and tomatoes.


Louisville Vegan Reubens & Sublime

January 21, 2009

Reubens have always been something that you either love or hate. For example. The people that live in the building underneath my girlfriends house can eat all of the dicks. I was reading an article on that my friend Matt pointed out to me, and it made a lot of sense. There are certain people that can eat a ton of dicks. I agree that there are in fact people that you come across in your life, that can eat All of the dicks. For one second let me tell you about these people. They’re about 22 or so, and I totally get it. I’m 26, and 22 was not long ago. Parties are fun, and i still get down very hard. I like beer. I like loud music. There is a big difference between drinking some beer, and listening to some music, and drinking some beer at 22, and listening to some music at 22. First the beer is just drank to get to get as annoying as possible. The music they’re listening to is, as annoying as possible. It’s not like they’re listening to listenable music. They’re listening to sounds that are just bass. Tons of bass, with nothing else. It’s probably a friend of theirs that makes music on cakewalk and closes their eyes, nodding their heads. These people can eat All of the dicks.  I want to record the sounds coming from the ground below, its really incredible. Like right now they’re playing sublime. As if I didn’t hate sublime enough, these fucking shit heads downstairs have to be listening to this shit. So while I’m upstairs trying to do my thing, they’re down there screaming and singing along to the most overplayed band EVER. Don’t tell me you like sublime, cause I know, and I don’t fucking care.

The kids downstairs are playing bad fish, and I’m crying like a 4 year old in the corner of the room.

Anyways, back to reubens. I made these reubans, and they turned out pretty good. I took the recipe from

I also added some instand tapioca, like i talked about in the message boards, and i couldnt tell any difference at all. The seitan turned out pretty good, but make sure you pan sear it in some soy sauce, the guy in the video clearly made a different recipe. It doesn’t turn out the way the asshole in the stupid hat shows it. None the less it’s pretty good. I used FYH mozzarella cheese, and vegan thousand island.


Fancy schmancy Vegan Macaroni and “Cheese”

January 14, 2009

I’ve always been very attracted to macaroni and cheese. It’s really fattening, and delicious. Macaroni and cheese has always been to me, like that gross girl you banged in college, and you never told your friends about. I know what you’re saying, “awwww, that poor macaroni and cheese! You’re such a typical male chauvinist faux pig! “. Okay, okay, maybe you’re right, but it’s a good analogy and you know it. Growing up, we added hotdogs, and maybe even sometimes, some salt and pepper. Being that I’m now awesome, I have decided to make my own, gourmet style.

I searched around the google for a very short time, and found 3 recipes that gave me a little vegan boner. First, I was on the “food porn” section of the Veggieboards forum. After having a few pretentious lol’s at what people considered “food porn” (i.e. microwavable amy’s vegetarian in a box meals((literally)), I found an awesome vegan macaroni and cheese dish. It’s a bit bland, but none the less, very delicious looking. I then dug deeper. Cause I’m an investigator.  I don’t just settle for the bullshit. I’m into it. Sorry, that came out wrong. I wanted something to show that I’m way more hip, and don’t need to live in Brooklyn to have a vegan blog. I next found a recipe for macaroni and cheese that had morels and lobster in it. Then I found one that put sweet potatoes in it. I nearly shit myself with  ideas. I replaced the lobster with sun dried tomatoes, and used soy creamer, instead of soy milk. Capers anyone? Hell yeah, I did. Sauteed the sun dried tomatoes and morels in some vegan butter with garlic, and caramelized the sweet potatoes into little squares. Baked it at 350 degrees for 15 minutes, and made out with my girlfriend for 9 minutes while waiting. This is the best macaroni and cheese you will ever have. “oh, i add tvp to my mac & cheeze”. Shut up pervert. Make this, and stop watching real chance at love.


Beefy Quezo!!

November 7, 2008

Its fall time, and cookouts are about to be over. Im sure the winter will be a lot of fun without cornhole, and pogs. However if you find yourself going to a boring “indoor cookout” this winter, your going to want to have something tasty and hot to bring over. I found this Queso on Vegan explosion, while browsing around google really drunk and hungry. It takes about 15 minutes to make, and is really tasty. My brother and i had an idea to make this a little more interesting, and added some baaaaa ziiiiing!

keep in mind, if your going to a big cook out or something, i would make up a super Tripple Batch!!

2/3 Cup Nutritional Yeast Flakes
1/2 Cup Flour
1/2 teaspoon Paprika
2 teaspoon Salt
2 teaspoon Ground Cumin
Dash Garlic Powder
Dash Chili Powder
2 Cup Water
4 Tablespoons Vegan Margarine
2 10-ounce Can RoTel (drained)
4 teaspoons prepared Yellow Mustard

Combine all dry ingredients (everything from nooch to chili powder) in a pan
Add water to pan, turn on medium heat
Stir constantly and once thickened, remove from heat.
Add in margarine, rotel and mustard. Stir until margarine is melted.
Once margarine has melted, put the pan back on the heat and stir until a bit thicker.
Serve over chips, enchiladas or in a quesadilla with seitan and veggies.

Next :

What i added :

1 Package of Morning star
1/2 a white onion (diced up)
2 tablespoons of minced garlic
1 pkt. Taco seasoning

In a separate pan, toss in the onions and garlic with some olive oil, and cook for about 5 or 6 minutes on medium heat, or until the onions are translucent. Next add the morning star beef, and let that cook until its crispy. Last empty the whole taco seasoning packet and stir until ready, then combine the beefy pan to the queso, and stir.