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American accents vs. the rest of them…

January 14, 2009

I’ve always wondered about accents. It seems, people can have an accent from another country, and this is the only exception to becoming really attractive, even if you’re ugly. I play this really dorky online game, that’s like the game risk. Again, really dorky. Some of the guys I play with are from other countries, and I got into an interesting conversation with one from Australia tonight, that answered all of my questions, that probably never needed to really be answered. We also talked about the stereotypes of America, from Australia. Of course this isn’t the official view of Americans, but none the less it was interesting to me to hear the stereotypes. It’s a bit lengthy, but interesting none the less . I will apologize for the grammatical errors, keep in mind this is through a chat, like when you’re texting at a red light.

Heres the conversation.