[01:23] stan: wanker
[01:23] Oreow ams: whats up?
[01:23] stan: sup man
[01:23] Oreow ams: lol
[01:24] Oreow ams: why am i a wanker?
[01:24] Oreow ams: not alot is up man
[01:24] stan: i dont know
[01:24] Oreow ams: just gettin my hammer goinggg
[01:24] stan: we dont ever say that
[01:24] stan: just hear you guys all the time

[01:53] stan: man you and maxx went at it pretty good last night
[01:53] Oreow ams: hahaha
[01:53] Oreow ams: we were just muckin around
[01:53] Oreow ams: its what we do
[01:54] stan: i kinda feel bad for him
[01:54] Oreow ams: lol
[01:54] Oreow ams: haha
[01:54] Oreow ams: i was shutting him down you think?
[01:54] stan: yeah i think your just muckin around, but hes gonna end up hanging himself
[01:54] Oreow ams: hahahah
[01:55] Oreow ams: nah man hes alright
[01:55] Oreow ams: thats his sense of humour
[01:55] Oreow ams: although he does thrive on conflict
[01:55] stan: do you guys know eachother in the real world?
[01:56] Oreow ams: nah, hes from queensland and im from sydney
[01:56] stan: how fars that?
[01:56] Oreow ams: its the next state up
[01:56] Oreow ams: about 10-15 hours drive lol
[01:57] Oreow ams: or 3 hours by plane
[01:57] stan: whats with the name he was calling you?
[01:57] Oreow ams: what name?
[01:57] Oreow ams: wog
[01:57] Oreow ams: ?
[01:57] Oreow ams: lol
[01:57] stan: you live in the ghetto or something?
[01:57] stan: yeah
[01:57] Oreow ams: hahaha
[01:57] Oreow ams: wog is a slang word for europeans that migrated to this country like 60 years ago during the ‘white australia’ years..
[01:57] Oreow ams: it was an offensive term back then
[01:57] Oreow ams: but now wog ios a commen term
[01:58] Oreow ams: is*
[01:58] Oreow ams: wogs are usually greeks/italians
[01:58] Oreow ams: that kinda thing
[01:58] Oreow ams: if you can ever get your hands on an australian movie called ‘the wogboy’, i suggest you watch it
[01:58] Oreow ams: lol
[01:58] Oreow ams: downloading may be the best way, might not be too many copies in the US
[01:58] Oreow ams: it will give you a rough idea of what a wog is hahaha
[01:59] Oreow ams: although, in australia, im greek, but im not a wog.. because the word wog now more describes a type of group.. ljust like you got, jocks/skaties/aussies/lebos/fobs
[01:59] Oreow ams: here in aus
[01:59] stan: so people call eachother wog’s? is it like nigger, or some sort of taboo slang?
[01:59] Oreow ams: and wogs are just dickheads
[02:00] Oreow ams: yeah its very similar to nigger
[02:00] Oreow ams: although a wog wouldnt get offended if you called hima wog..
[02:00] Oreow ams: they are proud to be wogs
[02:00] Oreow ams: because wogs are #1
[02:00] stan: like people get really bent out of shape if you call someone a wog in public?
[02:00] Oreow ams: wogs are usually un-educated wannabes
[02:00] Oreow ams: no lol
[02:00] Oreow ams: its not offensive at all anymore
[02:01] Oreow ams: it may have been 60 years ago, but not anymore
[02:01] stan: oh ok, so its like calling someone a cracker or something
[02:01] Oreow ams: whats a cracker?
[02:01] stan: im gonna start calling my friends wogs by the way
[02:01] Oreow ams: haha
[02:01] stan: im gonna be really cool
[02:02] Oreow ams: it sounds kinda gay in a yank accent though lol
[02:02] Oreow ams: we also use the word ‘fob’
[02:02] Oreow ams: for islanders
[02:02] stan: a cracker is the slang black people called white people in the 60s and 70’s
[02:02] Oreow ams: and tongans/pacific islanders etc
[02:02] Oreow ams: ahh ok
[02:02] stan: which is completely not offensive now
[02:02] Oreow ams: fob = fresh of the boat
[02:02] Oreow ams: yeah
[02:02] stan: ha
[02:02] Oreow ams: so i guess its our equivalent of wog ^_^
[02:02] stan: fresh off the boat
[02:03] Oreow ams: haha yeah
[02:03] Oreow ams: fobs
[02:03] Oreow ams: fobs are HUGE wankers here in aus..
[02:03] Oreow ams: islanders are all huge cunts
[02:03] Oreow ams: and they are usually all hood rats
[02:03] stan: you can tell one, just by looking at one?
[02:03] Oreow ams: that roll people for cash & start useless shit
[02:03] Oreow ams: yeah
[02:03] Oreow ams: they are islanders
[02:03] Oreow ams: big black fellas
[02:03] Oreow ams: lol
[02:03] Oreow ams: and islanders dont look like africans

[02:03] Oreow ams: they are their own distinct look
[02:03] Oreow ams: like an indian
[02:04] Oreow ams: or pakistani
[02:04] Oreow ams: lol
[02:04] Oreow ams: pakis are just curries
[02:04] Oreow ams: lol
[02:04] Oreow ams: although that is a little offensive..
[02:04] Oreow ams: damn currymunchers
[02:04] Oreow ams:
[02:05] stan: ha, wow
[02:05] stan: im being introduced to a whole new world of racism
[02:05] Oreow ams: lol
[02:05] Oreow ams: indians/pakistanis and those types, curries
[02:05] Oreow ams: there you go
[02:05] Oreow ams: lol
[02:05] Oreow ams: man, australians are by blood racist fucks
[02:05] stan: you know something funny
[02:05] Oreow ams: we have plenty of words & descriptions lol
[02:06] Oreow ams: whats that?
[02:06] stan: my dad was in the navy for 26 years
[02:06] stan: and he used to travel all over the world
[02:06] stan: and when i was in highschool i asked him what was the coolest place he went to
[02:06] stan: and he said austrailia
[02:06] Oreow ams: lol
[02:06] Oreow ams: whys that?
[02:06] stan: because the women would wait for the sailors to pull up on the boat
[02:07] Oreow ams: lol
[02:07] Oreow ams: nice
[02:07] Oreow ams: yeah we have a whole welcoming crew for the boys @ sea
[02:07] stan: and austrailian men treated women like shit, not paying for drinks and dinner
[02:07] Oreow ams: still happens to this day
[02:07] stan: so they would love the american men
[02:07] Oreow ams: lol
[02:07] stan: ha
[02:07] Oreow ams: really?
[02:07] Oreow ams: thats quite odd haha
[02:07] stan: always thought that was a bit oversight
[02:07] stan: yeah
[02:07] stan: that was his view
[02:07] Oreow ams: hehe
[02:07] Oreow ams: man
[02:07] Oreow ams: if you were to come here
[02:08] Oreow ams: youd be a hit with ladies
[02:08] Oreow ams: instant
[02:08] Oreow ams: and vice versa for us in US
[02:08] stan: deffinetly
[02:08] Oreow ams: its the accent
[02:08] stan: the accent alone
[02:08] Oreow ams: lol
[02:08] stan: ha yeah
[02:08] stan: man
[02:08] stan: i really dont get it
[02:08] Oreow ams: i met an amazing american girl while i was overseas in 07
[02:08] Oreow ams: we were like all over each other
[02:08] stan: yeah
[02:08] Oreow ams: it was a match made in heaven, she had a boyfriend though
[02:08] stan: whats with that?
[02:08] Oreow ams: lol
[02:08] Oreow ams: dunno man
[02:08] stan: like
[02:09] Oreow ams: she was the hottest thing ever
[02:09] Oreow ams: and she was smart
[02:09] Oreow ams: i cant stand a ragdoll
[02:09] Oreow ams: yeah?
[02:09] Oreow ams: go on
[02:09] stan: i remember i met an australian girl when i was in college in florida
[02:09] stan: and she wasnt even that cute
[02:09] stan: but i blew a load in my pants everytime she spoke
[02:09] stan: thats so funny
[02:09] Oreow ams: hahah
[02:10] stan: like you and i will never know what our accent sounds like
[02:10] Oreow ams: yeah man the accents are awesome, specially if you have a well rounded one
[02:10] Oreow ams: sure we will
[02:10] Oreow ams: we can talk on mics
[02:10] Oreow ams: i know what tal, scots & twotimes sound like lol
[02:10] stan: no im saying
[02:10] Oreow ams:
[02:10] stan: we hear people around us every day
[02:10] Oreow ams: yeah
[02:10] stan: and it sounds completely boring and bland
[02:10] Oreow ams: yeah man i feel that
[02:10] stan: thats so weird
[02:11] Oreow ams: although american accents are second nature to us.. lots of TV and all
[02:11] stan: ive always wondered what an “american accent” sounds like to other people
[02:11] Oreow ams: lol
[02:11] Oreow ams: alot sound like TV
[02:11] Oreow ams: but then you have some
[02:11] Oreow ams: which are so unique
[02:11] Oreow ams: like the girl i met ❤
[02:11] Oreow ams: man, wish i could see her again
[02:11] Oreow ams: im such a puppy dog lol
[02:11] stan: where was she from?
[02:11] Oreow ams: california
[02:11] stan: hmmm
[02:11] Oreow ams: north, not south
[02:11] Oreow ams: she was all anti-OC bullshit lol
[02:12] stan: oh ok
[02:12] Oreow ams: she was an intelligent girl too
[02:12] Oreow ams: and she had the bets arse ive EVER seen
[02:12] stan: ha, im not sure what that would sound like to me
[02:12] Oreow ams: she also had 2 of the hottest tatoos.. oh my
[02:12] Oreow ams: ghaha
[02:12] Oreow ams:
[02:12] Oreow ams: i dunno, she would say great things about my accent also
[02:12] Oreow ams: but man
[02:12] Oreow ams: a brit girl
[02:12] Oreow ams: alarm bells ringing, need change of underwear
[02:12] Oreow ams: lmao
[02:12] stan: yeah, how does a british accent sound to you?
[02:13] stan: cause to me, australian and british accents sound somewhat similar
[02:13] stan: like, i can totally tell the difference
[02:13] Oreow ams: well they are very different
[02:13] stan: between the two
[02:13] Oreow ams: british accents are the hottest thing ever lol
[02:13] Oreow ams: like baddlyyy
[02:13] stan: but they kind of have that same twang
[02:14] stan: ha, yeah really hot
[02:14] Oreow ams: yeahhh man
[02:14] Oreow ams: um
[02:14] Oreow ams: kiwi accents
[02:14] Oreow ams: are aweful
[02:14] Oreow ams: plain aweful
[02:14] Oreow ams: southn africans are close behind
[02:14] stan: kiwi?
[02:14] Oreow ams: oh
[02:14] Oreow ams: kiwi = new zealanders
[02:14] Oreow ams: hahaha
[02:14] stan: hahaha
[02:14] Oreow ams: we call them kiwis
[02:14] stan: whats it like?
[02:14] stan: terrible?
[02:15] Oreow ams: really bad lol
[02:15] Oreow ams: let me show you a spoof on kiwi accent…
[02:15] Oreow ams: funniest cl;ip ever
[02:15] Oreow ams: 1 sec
[02:15] stan: ha, k
[02:15] Oreow ams: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdVHZwI8pcA

[02:15] Oreow ams: man, i was in stitches over this clip
[02:16] Oreow ams: real kiwis sound terrible lol
[02:16] Oreow ams: sound really scummy lol
[02:17] Oreow ams: this actually made it onto the radio in aus lol
[02:17] Oreow ams: it got that popular
[02:17] Oreow ams: i was way over it by that time but lolol
[02:18] stan: ha, k
[02:18] stan: watching
[02:19] Oreow ams: man i pissed myself over this – http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=spXy51P4QFQ
[02:21] stan: ha, weird
[02:21] stan: i think theres a comedy barrier between the countries as well
[02:22] stan: so what are some stereotypes of the us?
[02:22] stan: i always love to hear those
[02:23] Oreow ams: lol
[02:23] Oreow ams: its prettyy much the same as the rest of the world…
[02:23] Oreow ams: US are all dumb shits
[02:23] Oreow ams: no brainers
[02:23] Oreow ams: lack of education and communication skills
[02:23] stan: ha, has this always been?
[02:23] stan: like before the whole bush thing?
[02:23] Oreow ams: cant think outside of the .50 calibur gun theyre holding etc
[02:24] Oreow ams: yeah americans have always been a bunch of wanks really
[02:24] Oreow ams: only because you guys oppress the whole world
[02:24] stan: thats funny
[02:24] Oreow ams: im pretty sure 98% of australians believe americans are fucking idiots
[02:24] Oreow ams: lol
[02:24] stan: i always though we were kinda looked up to
[02:24] Oreow ams: lol
[02:24] Oreow ams: well the thing is
[02:24] stan: atleast thats what i always heard growing up
[02:25] Oreow ams: thats why we stereotype you guys – is because you guys only know what is happening within your own country (because the universe revolves around you guys according to american studies)
[02:25] Oreow ams:
[02:25] Oreow ams: yeah, for that very reason that you guys think you are #1 is why the world is kinda laughing at yas
[02:25] Oreow ams: lol
[02:25] stan: yeah your’re probably right
[02:25] Oreow ams: thats funny for us too
[02:25] Oreow ams: like dont mean to be harsh here
[02:25] stan: no, i get it
[02:25] Oreow ams: but the world thinks you guys are douches
[02:25] stan: haha
[02:26] stan: couldve done without that
[02:26] Oreow ams: and whats funnier is that you guys all think we love you ❤
[02:26] Oreow ams: hahah
[02:26] stan: that sucks
[02:26] Oreow ams: im sorry i could go on forever..
[02:26] Oreow ams: you didnt know..?
[02:26] Oreow ams: i thought it was a well known fact that the the majourity of the world doesnt like america
[02:26] Oreow ams: o.O
[02:27] stan: well, i mean, you hear things now and then, but you don’t really want to believe it
[02:27] stan: no, i assure you, we think were loved
[02:27] Oreow ams: mm
[02:27] Oreow ams: lol
[02:27] Oreow ams: you guys see yourselves as the protectors of freedom & you guys do all the hard work for the rest of the world aswell correct?
[02:27] stan: we make good sitcoms though right?
[02:27] Oreow ams: is that waht citizens believe over there?
[02:28] Oreow ams: yeah you guys are only good for trivial things
[02:28] Oreow ams: i mean
[02:28] stan: no no, most of us dont really think that
[02:28] Oreow ams: oh ok
[02:28] Oreow ams: i mean, can i lay out a few exmaples here?
[02:28] Oreow ams: im on a rollnow
[02:28] stan: i live in a kinda small town, that always has a ton of protesters on the corners of streets
[02:28] Oreow ams: ahk
[02:29] stan: heres the thing
[02:29] stan: our country is becoming split
[02:29] stan: you can look at the way we voted, and tell the differences
[02:29] stan: just by looking at the map
[02:30] stan: i can see how we look like shit, but it sucks that we all look like shit
[02:31] stan: not that i really give a shit
[02:32] stan: i know theres a lot of self righteous people that love to spread their opinions into civil law, and that sucks, it gets on the news.
[02:32] Oreow ams: well
[02:32] Oreow ams: i think history shows by example what you guys are doing wrong
[02:32] Oreow ams: & also the way things happen on a wide scale in america serve as example
[02:33] Oreow ams: yet alot of people dont recognise whats going wrong in your country..
[02:33] Oreow ams: rest of the world can see it because we are on the outside looking in
[02:33] Oreow ams: get what i mean?
[02:33] stan: yeah totally
[02:33] Oreow ams: i thought of this lol
[02:33] Oreow ams: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=2Yub7Lc-lnU
[02:33] Oreow ams: im watching it now
[02:33] stan: but the other side of things
[02:34] Oreow ams: this isnt really what im talking about, but it came to mind
[02:34] stan: keep in mind, what you guys see from the outside looking in, is how a lot of us feel
[02:35] Oreow ams: what you mean how alot of you feel?
[02:35] stan: well the country is split 50|50
[02:35] stan: literally
[02:35] stan: the president is at like a 22% approval raiting
[02:36] stan: we’ve felt this way for a long time
[02:36] Oreow ams: well your new president is the way2go
[02:36] stan: people like me and you didnt put this guy into office
[02:36] Oreow ams: the world was atleast impressed that you guys are moving in the right direction
[02:36] stan: hopefully
[02:36] stan: i voted for obama, i hope he does a good job
[02:36] Oreow ams: yeah he will
[02:37] stan: but hes not superman
[02:37] Oreow ams: will do a better job than the last guy thats for sure
[02:37] Oreow ams: i think the main problem is standing up to majour corps & big business/banks who kinda run the US anyway..
[02:37] Oreow ams: oi dude, i gtg, im late
[02:37] Oreow ams: i was supposed to be @ grobs place but got caught here in this chat
[02:37] stan: ha, well thats like comparing the movie saw to memento
[02:38] stan: cool
[02:38] stan: holla


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