Fancy schmancy Vegan Macaroni and “Cheese”

January 14, 2009

I’ve always been very attracted to macaroni and cheese. It’s really fattening, and delicious. Macaroni and cheese has always been to me, like that gross girl you banged in college, and you never told your friends about. I know what you’re saying, “awwww, that poor macaroni and cheese! You’re such a typical male chauvinist faux pig! “. Okay, okay, maybe you’re right, but it’s a good analogy and you know it. Growing up, we added hotdogs, and maybe even sometimes, some salt and pepper. Being that I’m now awesome, I have decided to make my own, gourmet style.

I searched around the google for a very short time, and found 3 recipes that gave me a little vegan boner. First, I was on the “food porn” section of the Veggieboards forum. After having a few pretentious lol’s at what people considered “food porn” (i.e. microwavable amy’s vegetarian in a box meals((literally)), I found an awesome vegan macaroni and cheese dish. It’s a bit bland, but none the less, very delicious looking. I then dug deeper. Cause I’m an investigator.  I don’t just settle for the bullshit. I’m into it. Sorry, that came out wrong. I wanted something to show that I’m way more hip, and don’t need to live in Brooklyn to have a vegan blog. I next found a recipe for macaroni and cheese that had morels and lobster in it. Then I found one that put sweet potatoes in it. I nearly shit myself with  ideas. I replaced the lobster with sun dried tomatoes, and used soy creamer, instead of soy milk. Capers anyone? Hell yeah, I did. Sauteed the sun dried tomatoes and morels in some vegan butter with garlic, and caramelized the sweet potatoes into little squares. Baked it at 350 degrees for 15 minutes, and made out with my girlfriend for 9 minutes while waiting. This is the best macaroni and cheese you will ever have. “oh, i add tvp to my mac & cheeze”. Shut up pervert. Make this, and stop watching real chance at love.



  1. Wow, mouthwateringly good looking dish of pasta there.

    I haven’t had mac n cheese in years. cant eat the fcking noodles.

    I will make a whole food version… one day.

    Perhaps using dehydrated eggplant as noodles.

    Hmm. must go to the lab, er, kitchen


    • cant eat noodles? any noodles? wheat, spinach, tofu?

  2. It’s mostly a gluten thing. I haven’t really tried any other noodles, I hate reading packages so I don’t buy anything that comes in one. I think I may be onto something with the eggplant noodle idea, though. It makes a good sub for the pasta in lasagna. It’s tough, yet moldable when raw and sliceable, yet firm to the bite when cooked. I also make jerky out of it, which is an amazing sight to behold and actually chewy, not crispy like most veges do when you dry them.
    listen to me sounding like an eggplant ambassador.

    “i nearly shit myself with ideas” I love that expression.

  3. thats really interesting, are you eating completely raw? do you have a recipe for eggplant jerkie? im quite fascinated…

  4. I’m not completely raw, but I am completely whole foods. I make everything at home except salt and olive oil, pretty much. I eat veges, very little sweet fruit, seeds and nuts. It’s winter now, so I’m eating more cooked roots like mashed potatoes and soup with veges and beans. Nothing fried or grilled.

    Summer I will raw it up again. I do have a recipe for the eggplant jerky it’s here somewhere…


    the recipe calls for a dehydrator but the oven at 170F, I find, is a very suitable sub, esp if you don’t mind your food cooked.

    have fun!

  5. […] Austin Powers.  For the next 3 weeks, I obviously will not have the money to make things like fancy schmancy macaroni and cheese, but I’m going to take this opportunity to try and make delicious things, on a budget.  […]

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